Working with Whitby Wood

Whitby Wood is a thriving young practice with experienced leadership, working with a number of the country’s leading architects and developers. We offer structural engineering professionals an exceptional opportunity for a fast-track and rewarding career.

We also work with our associated practice in the UAE on projects throughout the Middle East and Asia.

We are led by engineers Mark Whitby and Sebastian Wood, both highly experienced and well-regarded in the construction industry. They were leaders at the award-winning UK consultancy whitbybird, a practice that was well known as a creative, stimulating place to work.

Whitby Wood works internationally from the London office. We provide a stimulating working environment, supporting the development of the people who work with us and helping build the professional skills that provide a solid career platform.

We are always looking for keen talented individuals to join out multicultural team of engineers and technicians, working on a wide range of building projects, with leading developers, architects and clients.

We welcome unsolicited application, so if you are interested in joining us, please contact us directly.

Whitby Wood HR team

Graduate scheme

Whitby Wood has an accredited ICE training scheme, and offers a training and mentoring programme to new graduates. We look for exceptional people and offer the training and support that will help them fast-track their way to achieving the highest standards in the engineering profession.

The programme was developed by an in-house team and undergoes regular review and improvement. It covers the technical, coordination, integration and communication aspects of day-to-day engineering work. Each graduate is assigned an appropriate mentor, with whom they meet regularly. Tasks are set, often involving other team members, that ensure a broad training. External training modules will also be offered. We run friendly, largely open-plan, offices and work on a range of diverse projects.

If you think the graduate scheme might be for you, why not contact us.

Whitby Wood HR team

Equal opportunities policy

Whitby Wood is an equal opportunities employer. We believe that every employee has the right to work in surroundings that are free from unlawful discrimination. This principle applies to recruitment and selection, training, promotion, transfers, pay and benefits, and performance appraisal procedures, in addition to the terms and conditions of employment.