Business continuity and the coronavirus

A message from Whitby Wood’s management team
Friday 13 March 2020

Our actions in response to the Coronavirus situation

UK Government’s Response | Indian Government’s Response

Over the past few weeks, we have been successfully trialling arrangements for all our staff to be able to work remotely. We have now taken the decision to encourage home working commencing Friday 13th March, for an initial eight week period. Our office will remain open but with reduced staff attendance. We would also like to encourage our clients and collaborators to arrange to conduct all non-essential face-to-face project meetings online.

We wish to reassure our clients, colleagues and team members that we have systems in place to ensure that all our services continue uninterrupted. We all work on laptops or Surface Pros — we have operated a flexible working policy for the last four years — enabling seamless working on projects, using high speed remote access to our office servers. All our office management tools are already fully online and we are used to running online group communication strategies. We also have a plan for deputising for colleagues in the event that some fall ill or need to take care of family members.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us by phone or

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We are working on
Lodha Crown, Thane

Lodha Crown

, , , ,
Seven residential towers for the township of Thane in Maharashtra. Design solutions that make the most of economies of scale.
on site
Transcon Skycity Fortune 500

Transcon Skycity Fortune 500

, , , ,
Twin 220m residential towers and a shared non-orthogonal parking podium, in West Mulund, Mumbai, for Transcon Group.
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Tolworth Tower

Tolworth Tower project gains planning consent

, ,
November 2019
First phase: tower refurbishment and adaptation, retaining the distinctive concrete frame
Taberner House

Queen's Quarter

, , , , , , , , , ,
A cluster of four new residential high-rise for central Croydon in London's south, the tallest of which is 35 storeys.
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