Prissard House
Prissard House
Prissard House
Prissard House
Prissard House
20 new homes for first-time buyers in East London
The first-completed of several projects we have been working on for Pocket Living, the London residential developer that specialises in catering for local first-time buyers. Prissard House occupies a brownfield site in Wanstead, East London.

Our design team focused on achieving an efficient structural solution supporting an effective use of space, both of which help Pocket Living supply affordable high-quality homes.

Designed by HaworthTompkins, the four-storey, concrete frame building is clad in brick, generally supported every second level. Internal/external walkways act as corridors between 20 one-bed apartments. The generous windows, and bespoke metalwork screens that line the external walkways, are notable features of the architecture.

The building is founded on 300mm diameter piles, the choice of which was dictated by the ground conditions but also the need to avoid root damage to nearby mature trees. Pile locations around the trees were based on radar information, confirmed by hand digging.

Lateral stability for the in situ frame is provided by concrete walls positioned around the circulation cores, creating a structurally-efficient box arrangement. Slab depths are minimised, the ground floor slab is suspended between pile caps, and external walkway slabs are cantilevered. Thermal breaks are cast into the slabs to prevent cold bridging between the walkways and the apartments. The breaks also provide diaphragm action in the slabs, transferring lateral wind loads to the core walls, contributing to overall stability.

Gardner Close, Wanstead, London, UK
Pocket Living


Structural engineering
Geotechnical engineering
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renders: HaworthTomkins
photos, models, details: Whitby Wood

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