Supporting people in earthquake-torn Nepal

June 2015
Twelve families from the historic town of Sankhu in the Kathmandu Valley, which was devasted by the recent earthquakes in Nepal, were the focus of fundraising efforts by the staff at our sister practice in the UAE.

The funds we collected have been used to purchase building materials for them. We also collected clothing and blankets, sent to Nepal through the UAE office of the Red Crescent.

Sankhu, Nepal

Sankhu is a red brick town of some 10,000 people. It lies on an old trade route between Kathmandu and Lhasa in Tibet. It has been estimated that more than 80% of its buildings are now gone but fortunately the death toll in the town was low, as the community is largely agricultural and most people were working out in the fields — and the children were outside playing. The first earthquake struck on the 25 April (7.8 magnitude), followed by further, almost as strong, quakes two weeks later. The need for shelter and other aid is enormous.

Sankhu, Nepal

Sankhu residents set up a community Facebook page to record their ongoing story.

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