Amazon campus Hyderabad
Amazon Campus, Hyderabad
Commercial office complex

A Ramboll project

The new campus building for retail giant Amazon in Hyderabad places two 15-storey towers adjacent to each other, connected at all levels with a three-bay overlap. It was designed by Chennai-based architect CRN.

The concrete frame complex rises 70m above two basement levels, which accommodate mainly parking and plant. Parking is also provided in four podium levels of the North Tower.

The main entrance is via the South Tower, through a double-height lobby. At first floor level, another double-height area is designed for recreational and health-related activities. Kitchen/dining facilities are located on the second levels of both towers. Offices occupy the remainder of the accommodation, with ‘refuges’ provided every fourth floor. The total area is 35m sq ft.

The complex primarily uses 300mm thick post-tensioned slabs with 600mm drop panels. Shear walls provide lateral stability. The structural design maximises floor-to-floor heights, and minimises major obstructions for the installation of building services.

Whitby Wood’s Mukesh Pritamdasani led the structural engineering team.

Hyderabad, India
Amazon Inc
CRN (C.R. Narayan Rao LLP)


Structural engineering (Ramboll)



renderings : CRN
photos : Ramboll

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