A high-rise residential tower with two glazed facades
The structural design challenges posed by the Bronze development in south London include a diverted road passing through the building and the tight deflection limits for the frame required to accommodate two glazed facades.

This project comprises two buildings: a three-part residential tower (79 apartments) that reaches 20 storeys, and a four-storey flexible-layout office building. Both are concrete frame with continuity at floor slab levels. The tower is supported by a central stability core housing circulation and building services risers. Neither structure has a basement, and plant is located at ground level.

To provide access to a separate existing parking building to the rear, a road has been diverted through the ground floor of the tower, facilitated by large transfer beams at first and second floor levels to provide clear spans.

Supported by a regularised foundation design, the footprint and elevations of the tower are more complex. The building is composed of three contiguous rectilinear blocks, each stepped back from its neighbour. The short elevations are fully glazed, with glazed balconies (small conservatories) and sliding door access. The long elevations are infilled with insulated cold rolled steel stud walling, and fully clad in bronze finish metal rainscreen.

The facade glazing is supported slab to slab, including in the balcony areas, which are fully enclosed. This, together with the glazed sliding doors, meant detailed consideration of appropriate deflection limits in the design of the floor slabs. Cold bridging at the balconies has been prevented by the use of thermal breaks.

International Property Awards 2020-21, winner in the Residential Development London category

Buckhold Road, Wandsworth, London, UK
Strawberry Star (for Workspace Group)
Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt | Rolfe Judd Architecture


Structural engineering
Geotechnical engineering
Civil engineering


High-rise structure

renderings : Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt
model : Whitby Wood

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