Intelion Park
Intelion Park
Intelion Park
Intelion Park
Six commercial office buildings in an IT park with limited construction access
On a site surrounded by three major roads in the planned city of Navi Mumbai, Whitby Wood Pritamdasani is working on the structural design of six buildings that are a key part of a new IT park for TRIL, the development arm of the Tata Group. Schematic design for the first structure is complete.

Despite the presence of the main roads, construction access to the long narrow 15.2 acre plot is constrained by existing development along one long boundary. The project is proceeding in phases and will include a gateway tower, an hotel, a data centre and the six high rise commercial buildings, the first of which (Building 5) is 82m high. The other five office buildings are planned to follow a similar design, though the heights may vary.

As the local ground condition is hard rock, basements are not feasible. Building 5 consists of the ground floor plus four podium levels for parking and 15 office floors. The design approach for its concrete frame combines embodied carbon reduction measures, such as reducing slab depths and frame weight, with maximising usable floor space through the use of slender columns. Post-tensioned 275mm slabs with drop panels are specified, enabling better floor-to-floor heights — typically 4m. Services installations are located at ground level, so not supported by the frame.

The structure’s grid of full-height gravity columns is founded on individual pad footings. Its central core and end stability walls, which are carrying the lateral wind loads, are supported on concrete rafts. When it comes to designing the later buildings, particularly Building 8, vibration effects will come into play, as the site is crossed by a 50m tunnel corridor for a future bullet train.

GROSS EXTERNAL AREA (Building 5) : 98,885 sq m

Thane-Belapur Road, Ghanasoli, Navi Mumbai, India
Tata Realty and Infrastructure Ltd (TRIL)
DSP Design Associates
estimated 2024


Structural engineering



renderings and visuals : DSP Design Associates
technical drawings : Whitby Wood Pritamdasani

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