Bridport Place
Bridport Place
Bridport Place
10-storey residential building with cantilevers and set-backs
On a tiny corner site by the Regent’s Canal, a 10-storey residential complex is scheduled for construction, providing mixed accommodation. Whitby Wood was asked to review for buildability the structural engineering solution, and provide civil engineering.

In revising the structural design for the concrete frame, architectural constraints, such as floor depths, are unchanged. Floor slab thicknesses have been rationalised, and columns moved into the walls to increase usable floor space. A series of transfer structures are required to achieve the building’s profile and these have been revised for efficiency. No amendments to the planning permit are required.

The architect’s strategy for the building responds to the existing townscape in its massing, extending the adjacent building lines and street frontage to the north and east. This is achieved using step-backs — at different levels on all four elevations. On the north facade, the first floor cantilevers, requiring an area of transfer slab and transfer walls to support the nine floors above. Instead of steel transfer beams, our solution uses concrete walls acting as deep beams running the full height of the building.

All 32 apartments, half of which are affordable, include a tapered cantilevered concrete balcony, with thermal breaks to minimise cold bridging to the floor slabs. The building is clad in brick suspended off the slab edges.

The building’s footprint occupies the entire site, so the drainage arrangements are below it, co-ordinated with the locations of the structure’s CFA bored piles. As part of the SuDS strategy, the pipework is oversized to ensure water clearance. Drainage for the balconies is cast into their slabs, with downpipes in the brickwork cavities.

Bridport Place, Hackney, London, UK
Fraser Brown MacKenna Architects
Metropolitan Housing Trust
Henry Construction


Structural engineering
Civil engineering



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