Apps and digital tools

Our industry is evolving rapidly, and digital technologies are central to improving efficiency, reducing costs and, most importantly, reducing embodied carbon.


To tackle the challenges facing the world — particularly becoming carbon neutral by 2040 — we need to collaborate, share and build trust. Working with open source software is one way to help us all achieve this future. It naturally encourages collaboration and, through its openness, builds a high degree of trust. This results in more-robust products.

Magma Works

To share our work, we have created a new platform — Magma Works on Github. The apps and digital tools created as part of Magma Works help us design better buildings, and they will cover every stage of the design process. Our first open source projects — SCaFFOLD, Magma Works Carbon Calculator for Revit, and the ACE column designer — are available now and we will be sharing other projects soon.

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For non-coders, complete versions of our software is available here for download and installation. Follow the links below.



Structural calculations framework
info + download >

Carbon Calculator

Magma Works Revit Toolbar

Plug-in : calculator and utilities for Revit
info + download >

ACE Column Designer

Column Optimisation app

Advanced Column Engineering : ACE app + ETABS plug-ininfo + download >

Core Tester

Core Tester app

Meta model creation / structural exploration
app coming soon

In pre-design, structural exploration of most projects can be described by variation of a finite number of parameters. Using a meta model — FEA result compilation — enables results for any value of defined parameters, using interpolation. Parameters can be optimised automatically to get the leanest design satisfying classic design rules.

Pile Designer

Pile Design app

Compare pile designs in 2D and 3D
app coming soon

Automatically pulls load results from ETABS model and calculates best pile design. Multiple designs can be compared, in 2D and 3D. Pile capacities can be imported and edited. Exports to DXF, Word and PDF. Concrete volume and embodied carbon data enables optimisation.
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