“But I thought timber had been banned?”

November 2022
Timber Development UK has released an article co-authored by Waugh Thistleton associate director Dave Lomax and Whitby Wood director Kelly Harrison that looks at emerging solutions for mass timber construction, given recent fire regulations.

Dave and Kelly explain some of the suggestions being developed. Read about a new model for mid-rise buildings, a steel exoskeleton solution and advances in steel spider connectors by Rothoblaas. The approach is to explore solutions that are constructed off-site, are highly flexible in their application and are compliant. They are also characterised by high levels of quality control.

As the authors say … “We simply can’t let this lie. It’s far too important. Both Waugh Thistleton and Whitby Wood are working hard to real-world, workable solutions — not dodges or workarounds — to keep mass timber on the drawing board and construction site.”

‘An exoskeleton and a spider’ | working with the combustibles ban
by Dave Lomax and Kelly Harrison
published by Timber Development UK
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This graphic shows an approach developed by Whitby Wood — a system for tall buildings that employs a panelised self-supporting steel frame in combination with a CLT frame …

Tall timber infographic by Paul Weston

Infographic : Paul Weston
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