Serbia elected host country for World Expo 2027

June 2023
This is exciting … the next specialised World Expo will be located in Belgrade — Serbia has just been announced as the host country for 2027. The theme is “Play for Humanity: Sport and Music for All”. We are looking forward to the opportunities this expo will bring for the design of challenging structures and exposition infrastructure.

Our engineers are well-placed to contribute to the realisation of World Expo 2027. Not only do we already have an office in Belgrade but we have experience in project delivery for world expositions. Belgrade director Saša Popović‘s projects include the UAE Pavilion for Dubai EXPO 2020, designed by Santiago Calatrava. Saša was structural project director, working on detailed design. He also worked on the Luxembourg Pavilion and the Austrian Pavilion at Dubai EXPO 2020, as well as shading structures for the expo site circulation route.

Congratulations Serbia and Belgrade!

Belgrade World Expo 2027

Belgrade World Expo 2027
15 May to 15 August 2027
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