A Call to Arms on Retrofit

October 2023
Whitby Wood director Kelly Harrison issues a call to arms in an article published in Architects’ Journal this month. She argues that “We can make retrofit the norm by making it more profitable, adding storeys to existing buildings made of renewable low-carbon timber.”

“If we all work together — owners, contractors, designers, surveyors, insurers, agents, planners, regulatory authorities —and speak the same language, we can work out the details … We can make a better future for construction, for people and for the planet.”

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AJ article by Kelly Harrison

Architects’ Journal
3 October 2023
A call to arms: mass timber extensions can help pay for a retrofit revolution
by Kelly Harrison

Kelly will be speaking at an AJ and Roca panel debate on hybrid buildings and timber innovation on 11 October at Roca London Gallery.
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