Joe Seal achieves conservation accreditation

October 2022
Congratulations to associate Joe Seal, now a Conservation Accredited Engineer. It’s fantastic recognition for his skilled conservation engineering work and dedication to supporting the care and ongoing use of heritage buildings in the UK.

Joe Seal

Joe has been added to the ICE’s Conservation Accreditation Register of Engineers (CARE), following a rigorous process confirming the depth of his knowledge and understanding of conservation philosophy, building methods used in earlier periods, the behaviour of materials in relation to each other and over time, and contemporary repair options for minimal disruption of heritage fabric. Joe joins a pretty special band of engineers — less than 100 people are listed on the Register.

He is very happy about this outcome and for our conservation engineering team: “It’s a great feeling to have the work I have been doing for the last 10 years validated. And it’s a great boost to our team, which supports design teams working on pure conservation and on adaptations. The conservation of the fabric of existing structures is fundamental to zero-carbon design.”

The engineering aspects of conservation are crucial for successful outcomes for significant buildings, ancient and more recent. Joe’s achievements in this field are cause for celebration at Whitby Wood.

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