Kelly Harrison joins NLA Expert Panel on Work

September 2021
We are delighted to announce that associate director Kelly Harrison has joined the NLA Expert Panel for Work 2021.

NLA (New London Architecture) is a leading centre for excellence for the built environment, bringing together the public, government and cross-sector professionals in London and internationally. The NLA focuses on a series of research themes, examining key opportunities and challenges facing London — and producing research, publications and events, including the annual London Festival of Architecture.

The NLA Expert Panels bring together industry experts representing the public and private sectors in planning, development, built environment design and the construction industry. The Panels advise on core programmes, respond to new policies and consultations affecting the industry, and provide thought-leadership on design, construction and future development in London. The Expert Panel on Work will be considering the future of London’s offices, in what is clearly an extraordinary period for the workplace, and exploring how to support the right type of spaces for the diverse workforce, the scope for co-location, how to retain talent and what might be the best uses of land and buildings.

Kelly Harrison

An expert in timber construction, and member of the Board of the Timber Research & Development Association (TRADA), Kelly Harrison is passionate about creating buildings that have a big impact on society but a small impact on the environment.

She says, “It’s great to be on the NLA’s Expert Panel for Work. Cities and offices are changing: they need to be destinations, and we need to look to other sectors such as education and hospitality to attract users back. Multi-use, flexible spaces are needed, creating 24-hour destinations to get the most out of the carbon we spend in construction. The use of biophilia, creating tactile spaces, and the re-use of existing structures — extending them in timber to create unique and desirable workspaces — are all passions of mine.”

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