Whitby Wood Leeds : local knowledge meets low-carbon expertise

January 2024
Whitby Wood has opened an office in Leeds to provide locally-based expertise for our clients in the north who aspire towards greater sustainability impact in their projects.

Whitby Wood Leeds

The office is run by Leeds resident and associate structural engineer James Green, whose specialities include reuse, retrofits and timber design, with a particular understanding of the local built environment and innovative structural techniques.

Sustainability and minimising embodied carbon are central to our engineering design practice. Clients in West Yorkshire and beyond can now benefit from James’ affinity with the region and draw from the wider expertise of the Whitby Wood team.

As James says, “The opening of Whitby Woods Leeds shows that you don’t need to live in London to work at a young, exciting and sustainability-driven engineering practice”.

By establishing our presence in Leeds, we’re looking to build a pipeline of talent from the region’s graduates and engineering students, particularly those seeking a role focusing on sustainable engineering. We’re also opening up new opportunities to work with progressive architects and developers up and across the north of the UK.

Whitby Wood director Kelly Harrison: “We are delighted to be spending more time back in the North of the UK supporting James in building a network of like-minded, planet-conscious, and industry-changing collaborators and clients”.

James Green
Whitby Wood Leeds : Cubo Leeds, 3rd Floor, 6 Wellington Place, Leeds LS1 4AP
T +44 (0)20 7442 2216 info@whitbywood.com