Lodha Xperia Mall extension

October 2020
Structural work is complete for the rooftop extension to the Lodha Xperia Mall in Palava, northeast of Mumbai, where we have added a new frame to an existing building, with minimal impact on the original frame or ongoing operations.

In what associate director Vinay Matkar describes as a “small but challenging” project, we have added a steel frame to the roof level of the concrete frame Mall to accommodate two new restaurants, an extra food hall and a games area. As the building wasn’t designed for additional floors, extensive analysis was needed to assess the capacity of potential load points, the suitability of framing options and precise positioning of new columns. New openings in the roof slab were required and some plant installations relocated. The construction schedule developed collaboratively is enabling the the Mall to operate as usual, despite the works.

Lodha Xperia Mall extension

The project to extend Lodha Xperia Mall has moved to the exterior and interior fit-out phases. Exterior finishes will match the existing, unifying the complex. Project completion is expected for 2021.

Lodha Xperia Mall was originally completed in 2016. Its concrete frame was designed by Mukesh Pritamdasani and his team while working at Ramboll India.

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Elevations : courtesy Kapadia Associates

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