Mass Timber : tackling fire safety and insurance

March 2023
The timber industry — represented by Swedish Wood, Timber Development UK and the Structural Timber Association — has launched a new fire safety guidance website on the use of timber in buildings. It draws on the latest research and technical expertise of UK and European industry associations and of structural engineers, including Whitby Wood director Kelly Harrison who is a member of the reviewing panel.

The website is called Fire Safety, Wood in Construction. The information it holds is independently verified and will be updated as new research results become available.

Fire safety, wood in construction
The new Fire Safety, Wood in Construction website

Fire Safety, Wood in Construction

Kelly also reviewed The Mass Timber Insurance Playbook, and will be on stage with the authors at futurebuild this month in London, discussing a timber building case study on how collaboration with insurers works.

The Mass Timber Insurance Playbook
The Mass Timber Insurance Playbook

Futurebuild : 7-9 March 2023 at ExCeL, London
Overcoming barriers to mass timber construction — curated by ASPB
Kelly Harrison joins the authors of the Mass Timber Insurance Playbook on stage at futurebuild : 8 March 14:30-15:15