Funded PhD project : apply now!

May 2022
Applications are now open for a fully-funded PhD research project at the Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, University of Bath, co-sponsored by Whitby Wood and the Whitbybird Foundation, both of which are committed to finding zero-carbon solutions to structural engineering designs.

Project title : Ecologically constrained building design: What can we build from the zero-carbon resource pool?


Decarbonising the supply of today’s construction materials relies on breakthroughs in carbon capture and green hydrogen technologies, neither of which have been shown to work economically or at-scale. Achieving a truly zero-carbon construction industry will more likely be based on building less, reusing and improving what we have, understanding limitations and opportunities in regulation, and a fully circular materials market.

This wide-reaching project will decipher the problem by determining the sustainable supply of building materials — the ‘resource pool’ — in a zero carbon circular economy. The key barriers and opportunities to achieving this will be identified, and resources developed to change the industry approach as a whole … MORE >


If you apply for this project you will be considered for 3.5-year studentship provided by Whitby Wood and the Whitbybird Foundation. The funding covers tuition fees, an enhanced tax-free maintenance allowance and a research budget for project costs. Candidate requirements include an undergraduate Masters first class degree or MSc distinction (or non-UK equivalent) … MORE >

Applications close 10 July 2022

Timber research group at the University of Bath

Pictured above … this week’s Timber Research Knowledge Share day at the University of Bath, with associate director Kelly Harrison, fourth from left in the second row.

University of Bath is part of the UK FIRES collaboration, along with the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham and Imperial College. UK FIRES is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the main funding body for engineering research in the UK.

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