Plotting our route to zero

November 2021
At Whitby Wood, we are working out our route to zero carbon, interrogating what we need to do, and what the construction industry needs to do, to get there. As part of our commitment to an ‘open source’ approach, we are publishing our thinking and the assumptions behind it …. Take a look >

Plotting our route to zero

As engineers we can influence the reduction of carbon emissions by changing the way we operate our businesses, the way we design and specify building structures and urban infrastructure, and the materials used to form them.

The first step is to understand our impact, so we began by documenting the carbon counts for all our UK activities and projects, setting benchmarks from which we can reduce and eliminate.

The UK government is committed to reducing carbon emissions by 78% (compared with 1990 figures) by 2035 and to zero by 2050 … see

So, what happens if Whitby Wood tries to reach the zero target by 2035?

Find out at : Plotting our route to zero >

Assumptions and methods (PDF download) >
About embodied carbon >

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