Podcast : Engineering a Sustainable Future

September 2021
Latest podcast from sustainability expert network Mashora : Whitby Wood’s Sebastian Wood talks about the implications for built environment infrastructure as climate change impacts grow and the world tries to reach Zero Carbon. As Mashora says, it’s a must-hear!

Seb talks powerfully about the changes needed in engineering practice, materials use, legislation and ethos — in an engaging discussion with Ed Palmer of 212 Radio. The podcast is the latest in the Meshora series aimed at helping people, businesses and organisations transition to low carbon through talking to experts about their areas of expertise, revealing their insights. Seb sets out the practical and emotional challenges faced by engineers and project commissioners in trying to achieve the changes needed.

He says, “I hope the engineering fraternity finds its voice on a subject matter that I know it feels strongly about, is so critical for humanity, and is one they do have answers for.”

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