Podcast : Mark Whitby — 50 years of engineering

January 2022
In an absorbing interview with Peter Murray, Curator-in-Chief at New London Architecture, Whitby Wood’s Mark Whitby talks about the trajectory of his long and eminent career in engineering.

From his first job on graduation with Harris & Sutherland in 1972, through work with various well-known consultancies and contractors, to the founding of Whitby & Bird (whitbybird) in 1983 — and now with Whitby Wood — Mark has always had close working relationships with architects.

Of whitbybird, he says, “We developed a way of working which was migrated … We worked very successfully with architects, but equally developed a reputation for being good at working with clients.”

Discussion of the sale of whitbybird to Ramboll in 2007 is the source for the podcast’s title: The worst mistake I ever made — Mark felt like he was selling his baby.However, the new baby, Whitby Wood, is enabling him to do what he loves most — design.

NLA podcast - Mark Whitby

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