Bridge modernisation : Belgrade-Bar Railway
Valjevo to Montenegro border, Belgrade-Bar Railway, Serbia
Bridge modernisation : Belgrade-Bar Railway
Assessments, design and upgrades for 121 railway bridges

Whitby Wood Popović (Belgrade) is working on the structural assessment and modernisation of the railway bridges on the Serbian section of the 1970s Belgrade-Bar Railway — 121 bridges in all. Of these, 99 are reinforced concrete, 14 are steel, three are prestressed and five are composite bridges.

The Belgrade–Bar railway is a 476km long standard-gauge line. Of this length, 301km goes through Serbia and 175km through Montenegro. The railway is electrified along the entire corridor, and passes through 254 tunnels (total length 114,435m) and over 435 bridges in all (total length 14,593m).

When the line was completed, trains took around seven hours to travel the length of the line. This had increased to 11 hours by 2021, as speed restrictions were imposed for safety reasons. Our engineers undertook site surveys, document reviews, conversion of the original drawings to digital format, concept design, detailed design and the preparation of construction drawings.

Structurally, the bridges vary from simple spans to continuous, truss and arch configurations, with several subsystems.

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