Promotions at Whitby Wood

June 2022
Whitby Wood is delighted to announce the promotions of eight of our fantastic team members — Joe Seal, Jordan Parchment, Isabella Ponton, Pablo Santamaria Varela, Aaron Ginsberg, Florence Medforth, Rand Haddad and Remo Camoccio.

We tried to get everyone together for a group photo … but that proved difficult, so we present them in two groups …

Promotions June 2022
From left: Aaron Ginsberg, Pablo Santamaria Varela, Rand Haddad and Florence Medforth have been promoted to design engineer and Jordan Parchment has been appointed senior engineer.

Promotions June 2022
From left: Joe Seal, who has been appointed associate, Isabella Ponton promoted to design engineer, and Remo Camoccio promoted to senior technician.

Congratulations to one and all.

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