Great news : promotions!

August 2020
Congratulations to sixteen brilliant minds and lovely people — we couldn’t be more proud and delighted! And through their personal growth they have helped us grow as a practice.

We are very happy to announce promotions for the following team members ….

George Atkinson (senior engineer), Oliver Coffey (senior engineer), Elliott Connolly (associate director), Brad Drury (senior technician), Omar Elnagar (design engineer), Aoife Finn (associate), Mike Gatfield (senior engineer), Thomas Gresham (senior engineer), Tuan Huynh-Quoc (associate director), Rebecca Matthews (associate director), Claire Pennells (associate), Jo Richmond (associate), Luke Scruton (associate), Ashley Thomas (associate), Matt Thompson (senior engineer), George Withers (design engineer)

staff promotions

Very well done indeed.

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