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Mayur Mehta joined our Mumbai office in 2017 as a Whitby Wood associate/team leader. He became an associate director in 2019. However, his association with our engineers is a long one.

In his 20 years as a structural engineer, he often worked with Mukesh Pritamdasani, managing director of Whitby Wood India — including during his 12 years with Whitby & Bird India (later Ramboll India). He has worked on many UK projects, as well as projects in India, Scandinavia and Kenya, reflecting his ability to quickly understand and work with new environments.

Mayur’s problem-solving skills, holistic approach to the design of buildings, enjoyment of interacting with people, and co-ordination and project management experience are both a product of the current multi-disciplinary global industry, and ideally suited to working in it.

In India, where most projects are fast-track, he led the engineering design of the new Amazon campus at Hyderabad. He also worked on a township for KPO-Tata Steel in Odisha, and industrial complexes for Pepsi, Frito Lay, Proctor & Gamble and Hoechst.

Mayur is the son of a civil engineer, so started his career already knowing a lot about the profession. He lives in Mumbai but loves London too, and enjoys watching movies and playing cricket.

Mayur’s projects include …
Chesterfield House, London
— Amazon campus, Hyderabad
— Township for PKO-Tata Steel, Odisha
— Distribution Centre, Proctor & Gamble, Hyderabad
— Formulation Plant, Hoechst Marion Rousell (pharmaceuticals), Ankleshwar</strong”>

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