We’re Legging it for Learning — join us!

April 2021
Whitby Wood is taking part in CODEP‘s first big fundraiser for 2021 — Leg It For Learning — a challenge to participants to cumulatively cover 4,800km, the distance as the crow flies from Waterloo in London to Waterloo in Sierra Leone, home of the CODEP library and learning resource centre.

Why not join us, and support a fantastic small-scale grassroots charity that is helping improve education for children and adults in the local Sierra Leone community. The distance can be covered by any human-powered means — walking, cycling, kayaking, running, rowing, skipping, pogo-sticking: whatever you like — and you can sign up for any part of the overall distance, however short … or you could support the cause through donation.

Sign up or donate : www.leg-it-for-learning.org

Leg It For Learning

CODEP stands for Construction & Development Partnership. Its first project was a library, completed in 2008. Since then, the library has grown to become a community hub, supporting over 50 primary schools and providing adult literacy classes. CODEP aims to improve literacy generally, in a country where the current adult rate is just 43% — that is, just 43% of Sierra Leoneans over 15 years old can read and write a simple statement about everyday life. The CODEP team in Sierra Leone regularly organises literary festivals, reading competitions and even baby massage classes!

The fundraising target is £10,760, which will cover teacher salaries and operational expenses at the learning centre for six months. The aim is to reach this target by the end of May.

Here’s a flyer explaining a bit more : pdf download >

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illustration : Aid Carrick

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