Whitby Wood achieves ISO 19650 certification

August 2023
Whitby Wood has achieved LRQA BIM certification for ISO 19650 — a fantastic milestone in the growth and capabilities of the practice. Although we have been working to ISO 19650 international standards on many projects for some time, certification validates our ability to work on collaborative information exchange with client and project teams at the highest level.

The certification processes — and maintenance — involve everyone: engineers, technicians and support people. Particular congratulations to our UK BIM Lead, Bradley Drury, who organised and lead the procedure, with oversight from director Alex Baalham. Fellow director Scott Lewis shepherded the Quality processes (ensuring alignment with ISO 9001), and associate director Rebecca Matthews worked on the HR aspects.

Royal Mint Gardens Aparthotel

Brad commented that “verification of our processes is hugely important for us. For example, projects funded by the UK government require certification. We now have validation for the quality of our BIM processes and information production.”

Managing director, Sebastian Wood add his congratulations: “A terrific outcome. ISO 19650 certification is particularly relevant considering our quickly evolving international practice.”

LRQA is the accredited building information modelling (BIM) certification body in the UK. It describes BIM as a “transformative process that spans the life cycle of a built asset from concept to construction, operation and finally decommissioning. The core of the process is digital modelling but the principle feature is collaboration between the stakeholders and disciplines that interface to deliver a project from the project owner, architects, engineers and contractors.”