Bristol’s One Hundred : BCO’s highest energy + environ benchmarks

February 2024
The Bristol landmark, One Hundred, has been recognised by the British Council for Offices (BCO) for achieving the highest benchmarks for energy efficiency and environmental impact, and for its retro-first vision. The reimagined office building is a regional finalist in the 2024 BCO awards in the recycled and refurbished category.

Whitby Wood worked on the creative adaptation of the 1990s concrete frame building, adding two additional storeys, extending the floor plates of the main facade, recladding and introducing low-carbon energy measures. Our structural embodied carbon calculations for the primary structure achieve (at 105 kgC02e/m2) a Structural Carbon Rating Scheme (SCORS) rating of A — meeting the SCORS, RIBA and Low Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) commercial targets set for 2030.

One Hundred

The successful rejuvenation of a dilapidated 1990s office building into a first-rate, carbon-neutral workspace attests to the value of retrofitting and extending the life span of our existing building stock.

Design District, Greenwich, is also a BCO regional finalist, in the commercial workplace category.

The BCO annual awards programme celebrates “top quality design and functionality and [is] a benchmark for excellence in workplaces”. Regional judging takes place January-February, with announcement of the London Region winner in May, and the National Award winner in October.

2024 BCO Awards

One Hundred, Victoria Street, Redcliffe, Bristol, UK
clients : V7 Asset Management for CBRE Global Investors, Beard Construction
architect : AWW
structural and civil engineer : Whitby Wood
building services : Method Consulting
project management : Black Cat Building Consultancy
cost management : Currie & Brown
Main contractor : Beard Construction

render : AWW